Using Apple Products


Using Apple Products is a unique 1 hour workshop that is tailor made to suit your requirements. This workshop gives you the user a chance to understand & use the Apple Product you own to the fullest.



The session is for 1 hour. You can receive additional support and help via WhatsApp, iMessage, Google Group


  • Familiarity with computers.
  • The course is more of a discussion rather than a full fledged training. It is helpful if the candidate comes in with his/her own requirements/concerns or queries.

What you will learn:

  • About the Apple Product Ecosystem
  • Basic features of the product
  • Things you can do
  • Getting tasks done
    – Sending Mails
    – Chatting
    – Managing Photos & Data
    – Listening to music

Why you should attend this course:

  • Hands on practice
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Comprehensive coverage of topics & latest software.

Audience Profile:

  • Anyone who owns or has to work with an Apple device.
    – iPhone
    – iPad
    – Mac


This course does not have any certification.